About Kimmel Gerke Associates, Ltd.


KIMMEL GERKE ASSOCIATES, LTD. is an Electrical Engineering consulting and training firm that specializes in Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC). The firm has:

  • Solved or prevented hundreds of EMI problems in a wide range of industries: (computers, medical devices, industrial controls, military and avionic systems, vehicles, facilities, and more.)
  • Trained over 10,000 engineers and technicians through public and in-house courses on EMI/EMC design and troubleshooting
  • Published three books, over 200 articles, and a 20 year newsletter on EMI/EMC

In full time practice since 1987, the mission is to help “Identify, Prevent, & Fix” EMI problems.

With Bill Kimmel’s passing in 2015, EMIGURU has changed…

  • No longer accepting new consulting projects. Selected consultants will pick up the load by referral.
  • Available for training projects, both public and in-house. Limited to one class a month.
  • Available for questions. Feel free to email me but please include your phone number. I’ll either call or email. Responses are free.

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Here is how it all got started…

–The firm was founded in 1977 by my good friend (the late Bill Kimmel) and me (Daryl Gerke.) We were two young engineers working for Univac Defense Systems on a TEMPEST program. We both already had several years of EMI/EMC/TEMPEST design experience, which later became the basis of our full time consulting firm.


–The company started out as a training firm, with both of us moonlighting at a local technical college. In addition to teaching classes, we were asked to develop new classes. These included a successful seminar on personal computers for the business community, followed by an educational grant to develop a two-year program for printed circuit board designers.


–The former gave us a taste of developing short courses, and the latter let us leverage our EMI/EMC experience. It also whetted our appetites to eventually start our own engineering consulting firm. This led to us both obtaining Professional Engineer (PE) licenses, a useful credential for consulting engineers.


–The firm continued in a part-time mode for ten years. We expanded beyond teaching, and consulted for numerous clients, taking care to avoid conflicts of interest with our full time jobs. Many of these projects were EMI/EMC related, but for industrial/commercial rather than the defense clients. They didn’t call in EMI — they called it “noise.” But it was still EMI.


–With the advent of the microprocessor and personal computers, the EMI/EMC problems were increasing at an exponential rate. In the mid-1980s, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mandated new tests to limit the interference to radio and television reception. The timing war right, and this became the catalyst for taking Kimmel Gerke Associates full time.


–So plans were made. We incorporated, loaded the bank account, and lined up some clients.


–The company launched full-time in October 1987 – the day the stock market crashed! Who plans for that? We often mused, “The first day in business was the worst day in business.” 


–Since 1987, we solved or prevented hundreds of EMI problems across a wide range of industries – computers, military, medical,  industrial, vehicles, avionics, telecomm,  and more. 


–We also trained over 10,000 students through their public and in-house classes on EMI/EMC design. We wrote three books, and over 200 technical articles, and for 20 years published a newsletter on EMC.


Sadly, in 2015, Bill Kimmel was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away in April, leaving me (Daryl) to carry on.


Here is where I’m going next…

An Update from Kimmel Gerke Associates – A letter to clients October 2015

Bill Kimmel’s passing was a grim reminder that life is not infinite. So I’ve been reassessing what to do next. It has been a rough year – Bill and I were good friends and business partners for almost 40 years. I miss him every day. But life goes on. Here are some current plans:


Kimmel Gerke Associates…

–Decrease the consulting, but stay involved with EMC training. I really enjoy EMC training, and it gives the most bang for the buck. More effective to help ten or twenty at a time than just one or two.


–Efforts are underway to refer off new consulting projects to select colleagues. The objectives are to support our clients, while helping other EMC consultants. (Contact me for more info.)


–My training goal is to limit classes to no more than one a month. So far, so good.


–Recently added the EMC in Military Systems class (partnered with the Applied Technology Institute), along with the popular Design for EMC class (partnered with Tektronix for over 20 years). Both classes are available public and in-house.



–Started a blog (www.jumptoconsulting.com) on consulting five years ago as a creative outlet. The blog now has over 150 posts. Also presented short tutorials on consulting, and helped several make their own JumpToConsulting.


–All very satisfying. Efforts are underway to increase this activity — post more, and develop an on-line class. An introductory e-book is on the wish list, along with some magazine articles.


–Still considering the book I’ve always promised myself to write. After a couple of EMC books, I don’t need it for the ego boost, but it would be fun to do.



–Goof off more and enjoy life. Play with the dog and hit the road in the RV. Read more books. Thanks to the consulting business, I no longer need to work. Not bragging — just grateful for my success in the wacky world of EMC.


–It has been great fun, and I’ve enjoyed meeting and helping so many people — a sentiment also shared by Bill.


Thanks to all for your kindness in this difficult time. You’ve made this business worthwhile.


Daryl Gerke, PE – Kimmel Gerke Associates Ltd.

Thanks to all of you for 40 gratifying and fun-filled years! 


P.S. Join me at my blog www.jumptoconsulting.com, a fun side project for the past five years. 

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