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EDN Designers Guide to Electromagnetic Compatibility

Daryl Gerke, PE, and William Kimmel, PE

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–This guide originally appeared as a supplement to EDN in 1994 and underwent updates in 2000 and 2005. It was originally printed by Cahners (EDN is now part of UBM).

–We acquired the reprint rights and the book is now available from us for $29.00 including S&H for domestic orders.

–This is a nontraditional approach to EMI. You won’t find line integrals or partial differential equations or any other involved mathematical expressions. You won’t find excruciating details on EMI regulations and testing.

–You will find a practical nuts and bolts approach to EMI, written for the non-EMI expert.

–The fourteen chapters are:



Chapter 1
EMI, noise, and interference – a different game

Chapter 2
EMI regulations: why, where, and what do they mean

Chapter 3
ESD as an EMI problem: how to prevent, fix

Chapter 4
Power disturbances as EMI problems

Chapter 5
Radio-frequency interference: why computers hate radio transmitters

Chapter 6
Emissions: why radios and televisions hate computers

Chapter 7
Circuit components: where the rubber meets the road

Chapter 8
Bulletproof circuit boards against EMI

Chapter 9
Shielding for EMI control…how to do it right

Chapter 10
Cables and connectors: how to stop EMI leaks

Chapter 11
Power-supply design for EMI: filters aren’t enough

Chapter 12
Grounding: facts and fallacies

Chapter 13
EMI testing: don’t wait

Chapter 14

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