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EMI Suppression Handbook – Communiques from the Trenches
William D. Kimmel, PE, & Daryl D. Gerke, PE
Edited by Dr. E. Thomas Chesworth, PE (Technical Editor, ENR)

Please Note – This book is no longer in print, but is available by PDF download for $25.

— The EMI Suppression Handbook is a collection of articles from the EMC Notebook column in Electromagnetic News Report. The column ran from 1989 until 2015. This volume contains the first ten years.  Like Aespop’s fables, the stories usually contain an EMI moral.

The stories are presented in the order they were published between 1989 and 1998, and were not rewritten to bring them up to date. Some include references to  EMC specifications which may now be obsolete now, so the reader should be aware that these references may have only historical significance.

–Here is what ENR editor Dr. Tom Chesworth says about this book:

Since 1987, Bill Kimmel and Daryl Gerke made their way in the world as independent EMC consultants. In addition to teaching EMC seminars, they make their living at a client’s factory up to their elbows in a malfunctioning piece of electronics equipment. As anyone who has tried it knows, making your living this way is just a bit less rigorous and stressful than doing it by turning a spit inside a microwave oven.

–For nearly as long as they were consultants, Bill and Daryl recorded their trials, tribulations, and war stories in ENR’s “EMC Notebook.” This book presents a compilation of the first decade of their “communiques from the trenches.”

–The business of retrofitting all sorts of electronic equipment to fix all sorts of EMI has given them a unique perspective on EMC. Their continued success gives us a warm fuzzy feeling that their advice is most likely useful. These stories describe a variety of EMC problems along with the fixes that resolved them. Perhaps more importantly, taken together they give an insight into a process for discovering and resolving EMI difficulties in electronic equipment.

–The book concentrates on problems where, like the cavalry, an outside consultant was called in to rescue the project from failure. They are, therefore, in the main, the tough ones that stumped the usually competent in-house engineers. You will notice that certain problems recur and from that you can infer the likelihood of occurrence.

— Working on compiling the second ten years as Volume II. It will be a tribute to Bill Kimmel, who passed away in 2015. Although a joint effort, Bill was the lead author of the EMC Notebook column. 

— Hot links are availble in the Archive section for recent articles (2009 on.)

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