Monday, February 08, 2016
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Come join us at one of our WEBINARS...

Several topics under consideration for 2015. 

This webinar is over, but may be repeated. 

TOPIC - Systems Grounding for EMI/EMC

  • Curious about grounding for EMI/EMC?  This one hour webinar gets to the heart of the matter -- what is a ground, and how do you fix your grounding problems?
  • First, we'll discuss single point versus multipoint grounds.
  • Next, we'll examine grounding at several levels -- equipment, interconnect/cabling, and facility.
  • Finally, we'll host a Q&A session.

DATE/TIME - Next date to bedetermined.  

COST - $99.  As new materials were developed for this webinar, there is a nominal fee. You will receive your personal link to the webinar upon payment. Paypal or credit cards are accepted.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Electrical engineers, systems engineers, field engineers, technicians, and other involved in installing and maintaining electronic equipment, and who want to better understand grounding.  Please note this seminar is systems focused, not design focused.

REGISTRATION - Not available at this time. 

This webinar is over, but may be repeated. 

TOPIC - EMC Impact on Design by Industry

  • In our experience, 80% or more of the EMI/EMC design techniques work all across the electronics industry.  But different industries often have unique constraints that may severly affect EMI/EMC design. These constraints also give rise to different EMI/EMC reequirements.
  • We'll take a quick tour of several industries (commercial, medical, military, vehicular, industrial, and telecomm), and discuss the EMI/EMC design impact of these industry dependent constraints and regulations.

DATE/TIME - Next date to be determined. 

COST - FREE, but you must preregister. After sign up, the log-in information will be sent to you by email prior to the webinar.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Design engineers, regulatory personnel, managers, and others who want a broad overview of EMC impact across the electronics industry. 

REGISTRATION - Not Available a this time. 

Some General Information on our webinar program.

We've divided our offerings into two categories:

  • BASIC (Free)- If you are new to EMI/EMC and are just looking for some quick information, join us for a BASIC webinar. Based on past IEEE tutorials or brief excerpts from our classes, these will be FREE.
  • ADVANCED ($$)- If you are more experienced and want more in-depth information (or perhaps an EMI-class alumni), join us for and ADVANCED webinar. Based on requests for focused in-depth EMI materials. Since these involve additional development, they will have a nominal FEE.

For the latest details, check our website or sign up for our newsletter.

We welcome you comments and suggestions.  Please comment here.


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