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Some Thoughts on EMC Training...

As the electronics business starts to pick up, we’re seeing an increased interest in EMC training. The payback is certainly there -- even one extra trip back to the test lab can cost you $10-20K in test and engineering time. Not to mention the additional cost of being late to market!

EMC training has been an integral part of our business, right from the start in 1987. We began with in-house classes, and in 1992, we began our public classes in partnership with Tektronix. Over the years, we’ve trained over 10,000 engineers and technicians on the "tools, tips, and techniques" to prevent and solve EMI problems.

This has been immensely satisfying. Nothing pleases us more than hearing from a past student, touting a success thanks to our classes. Yes, this stuff really works!

If you haven’t done so, we invite you to join us in a public class. If it has been a few years, you might even want to attend again as a refresher

The spring schedule 2011 is now posted on our website. By the way, if you need a break from the cold weather, think about our annual WINTER GETAWAYS in ORLANDO and SAN DIEGO in February. These also include the optional EMC Troubleshooting Workshop.

If you have 10 or more people, you may want to consider an in-house class. To keep things simple, we do these on a fixed-price basis, and can accommodate up to 30 students.

There are NO PER SEAT FEES -- just send who you want. (For reference, most in-house classes run from 10-20.) Here are some examples of in-house classes we have done for clients. The first one is still the most popular, and is essentially the same as our popular public class.

  • - Design for EMC (2 days)
  • - EMC Design, Systems, & Troubleshooting (3 days)
  • - EMC in Medical Devices (2 days)
  • - EMC in Vehicular Electronics (2 days)
  • - EMC in Military Systems (2 ½ days)
  • - EMC in Avionics Systems (2 days)
  • - EMC Grounding & Shielding (2 days)
  • - EMC and Signal Integrity in PCBs (1 day)

We can customize to meet your special needs. You supply the meeting space and refreshments -- we supply the materials and the instructor (either Bill or Daryl.) For more information, call us at 1-888-EMI-GURU.




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