EMC Seminars – In House

… From the EMI/EMC Design Experts

With Bill’s passing, training is now my priority — more efficient than one-on-one consulting. But not sure how many years more I will do this, so please call if you have an interest. Thanks – Daryl

Thinking about EMC training? The payback is there — just one extra trip to the test lab can cost you $10-20K in test and engineering time! Not to mention the additional cost of being late to market, or the cost of fixing EMI problems in the field.

If you have ten or more students, IN-HOUSE SEMINARS are an economical alternative to public seminars. To keep things simple, these are FIXED PRICE , and we can accommodate up to 30 students.

NO PER SEAT FEES — just send who you want. (Most in-house classes run from 10-20.)

Here are two major advantages of in-house seminars:

  • First, we focus on your particular needs, downplaying materials of low interest, and emphasizing materials of high interest.
  • Second, you are free to discuss proprietary issues. No worries about airing “dirty laundry.”

Many clients have us stay and extra day for detailed one-on-one discussions or design reviews.  This can be particularly effective as everyone is already focused on EMI/EMC issues.

Class Details

Here are some examples of in-houses classes done for past clients.  The first two are identical to the public Design for EMC class, and the EMC in Military Systems class, and are the most popular.

  • Design for EMC (2 days)
  • EMC in Military Systems with MIL-STD-461/464 supplement & EMC Troubleshooting (3 days)
  • EMC Troubleshooting (1 day – often added to other classes)
  • EMC in Medical Devices (2 days)
  • EMC in Vehicular Electronics (2 days)
  • EMC in Industrial Systems and Facilities (2 days)
  • EMC in Avionics Systems (2 days)
  • EMC in Industrial Controls (2 day)
  • EMC and Mechanical Design (1 day)
  • Design for ESD (1 day)

These seminars run from one to three days, with the most popular format being two days. We can lightly tailor to meet your specific needs.

You supply the meeting space, video projector, and refreshments, and we supply the materials and instructor (Daryl.) Training materials include a bound set of notes, plus individual copies of the EDN Designer’s Guide to EMC.

Here are outlines for the our two most popular classes. All can be lightly tailored.

Design for EMC + EMC Troubleshooting (3 days)


Equip the high performance designer with the tools, tips, and techniques needed to meet EMI requirements, and to bulletproof the design against common EMI threats. This is not a course on testing or regulations. This course addresses the interference problems faced by designers of high speed digital and low level analog circuits.


  • Introduction

    Interference Sources, Paths and Receptors
    Key EMI Design Threats
    EMI Regulations and Their Impact on Design

  • Physics of EMI

    Frequency, Time and Dimensions
    Transmisison Lines and “Hidden” Antennas

  • EMI in Components

    Looking for the “Hidden Schematic”
    Passive Components and Their Limitations
    Simple EMI Filters and How to Design Them
    EMI Effects in Analog and Digital Circuits

  • Printed Circuit Boards

    Signal Integrity and EMI
    Common Mode Emissions Problems
    Dealing with Clocks and Resets
    Power Decoupling
    Isolated and Split Planes
    I/O Treatments

  • Power Supplies

    Common Noise Sources
    Parasitic Coupling Mechanisms
    Filters and Transient Protection

  • Grounding and Interconnect

    Function of a Ground
    Single Point, Multi-Point and Hybrid Grounds
    Analog vs Digital Grounds
    Circuit Board Grounding
    Internal Cables and Connectors
    I/O Treatments

  • Shielding

    Picking the Right Materials
    Enclosure Design Techniques
    Shielded Connectors and Cables

  • Troubleshooting + PCB Design Reviews


Electronics engineers and technicians printed circuit board designers, mechanical designers, technical supervisors and managers. This seminar is directed at design personnel who are wrestling with interference and noise problems, and who are not sure how to attack-and solve them.

No prior EMC experience is necessary.

EMC in Military Systems (3 Days)


Equip systems and installation personnel with the tools, tips, and techniques needed to bulletproof the system in the field against common EMI threats. The focus is on systems issues, but does not address circuit board issues (although this can be added, extending the class time) nor detailed systems testing issues.


  • Introduction

    Interference Sources, Paths, and Receptors
    Physics of EMI problems

  • Identifying Key EMI Threats

    Power Disturbances
    Radio Frequency Interference
    Electrostatic Discharge

  • Power – An Energy Interface
  • Grounding – A Safety Interface
  • Shielding – An Electromagnetic Field Interface
  • Cables and Connectors – A Signal Interface
  • MIL-STD-461/464 Design Impact + EMC Troubleshooting


Electronics engineers and technicians, systems engineers, field engineers installation personnel, mechanical designers, technical supervisors and managers. This seminar is directed at military systems personnel who are wrestling with interference and noise problems in the field.

No prior EMC experience is necessary.

You decide the focus on these classes. We’ll help you decide on the most appropriate topics. You can pick and choose the topics that are most important to you. In most cases, there is no additional cost for moderate customizing. You get what you need, in the time frame that works best for you.

For more information, email Daryl or call 888-EMI-GURU.

Daryl and his late business partner have trained over 10,000 engineers and technicians on the TOOLS/TIPSTECHNIQUES to IDENTIFY, PREVENT and FIX your EMI problems.

This has been immensely satisfying. Nothing is more pleasing than to hear from a past student, touting a success thanks to our classes. Yes, this stuff really works!