EMC in Military Systems (Public)

EMC in Military Systems + MIL-STD-461/464 Design Impact Addendum

Next Public Class: December 5-6-7, 2017 – Columbia MD

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This class co-hosted with the Applied Technology Institute (ATI) since 2011

  • Focus is “outside the box” grounding, power, cables, and shielding
  • Addresses four key military concerns –  radiated/conducted – emissions/susceptibility
  • Minimal math – useful rules of thumb – numerous case histories.
  • Includes over practical 30 EMI design fixes
  • Includes MIL-STD-461/464 Design Impact overview
  • Includes EMC Troubleshooting
  • This class does NOT address EMI test procedures or circuit board design 


  • Introduction

    Interference Sources, Paths, and Receptors
    Physics of EMI problems

  • Identifying Key EMI Threats

    Power Disturbances
    Radio Frequency Interference
    Electrostatic Discharge

  • Power – An Energy Interface
  • Grounding – A Safety Interface
  • Shielding – An Electromagnetic Field Interface
  • Cables and Connectors – A Signal Interface
  • MIL-STD-461/464 Design Impact + EMC Troubleshooting


Electronics engineers and technicians, systems engineers, field engineers installation personnel, mechanical designers, technical supervisors and managers. This seminar is directed at military systems personnel who are wrestling with interference and noise problems in the field.

No prior EMC experience is necessary.